Entonces T-Shoes an idea born and developed many years ago in Torino, the Italian capital of Argentinian Tango, from a visceral passion.

A company of tango shoes that collaborates with the finest of the leather and footwear professionals in the Italian sector. It includes the best professionals, as well as the most experienced dancers.

An essential and elegant design created by Valentina Galvani, the stylist seduced by tango in the city of Lecce, deepened by her experiences in the tango environment of Bologna and Rimini while discovering the atmosphere of our historical milongas. The freshness, simplicity and functionality of our shoes talks about her experience.
We prefer to talk about our creations rather than about ourselves!

We believe there’s a natural need to enhance our tango by wearing a jewel, the result of deep technical and morphological experiences.
Entonces T-Shoes, include a foam padding anti stress insole, that make them ergonomic from heel to toe and offer a guaranteed long lasting cushioning.

We use the best raw materials. Wearing Entonces shoes makes one realize that quality and incessant research for new shapes and materials is our main objective and the mission of our company.

Entering the Entonces world means making a choice: the image gives way to comfort and durable beauty…
Made in Italy matters.

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